In 2021 my endeavor is to dramatically seek new challenges across my life.

My brief current reading list:

1. The Unicorn Project

2. Measure What Matters

3. Start With Why

4. Project to Product

5. Accelerate

If you too are enjoying any of the above books, send me a note and let’s have a conversation.

I’m ready, excited, and looking to engage professionally at a deeper, richer level.

So Why this site, and Why now?

1. I saw that it was time to get back into having my own presence on the web. I’ve missed dabbling in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. So this is my corner to learn, grow, and try a few new things.

2. I have an itch that I just have to scratch. Personally, the past 5 years have been awesome: married, complete house renovation, several camping adventures, and yet professionally I’ve fallen into a corporate humdrum and routine. I’m all for driving the transformation of teams and exceeding business objectives, but the phrase – “to the victor goes the spoils” is ringing ever louder.

Safe isn’t the word I want on my tombstone.

3. The world is changing faster than ever and the choice is between being a Netflix or a Blockbuster, a Sears or an Amazon. I’m laser-focused on taking on bigger, tougher, harder problems and raising teams to do the improbable and accomplish the impossible.

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” //C.S. Lewis

So that’s this site…there’s plenty more to come and I’d love to have a conversation. Reach me on twitter.